About Us

Educate to Empower is a philanthropic trust that works to socially and economically elevate the lives of disadvantaged girls in India’s most deprived districts. Our flagship project is SVA School in Thekkur village. SVA School provides free education for 210 girls up to class 5 and is growing organically by adding one class each year. The school is equipped with a computer laboratory, smart classrooms, library, art room, playground, garden and educational crèche.

Our community initiatives run parallel to school activities and use our teachers and students as advocates of change and hope. The new Protect Our Village project aims to go beyond just pandemic crisis relief and sustainably empower the local community using a 4 Pillar Plan of Education, Nutrition, Employment and Health. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an educational institute that employs the best pedagogy and personal development measures to transform underprivileged rural Indian girls into confident, compassionate and knowledgeable women with clear ideas for their future success. We envision our school to serve as a centre for not just learning but also community development since no individual exists in a vacuum and our girls can only thrive if they are part of a healthy and harmonious local environment.

Our Philosophy

We focus on lower-caste, rural girls born to low-income families because these are the most oppressed members of our society. By educating and socio-economically empowering these girls, we believe we will not only improve our own students but also enable them to take forward our mission and create positive changes in mindsets and practices amongst their families. Our efforts within school are paralleled by our efforts to support the local village community and ensure their basic needs are met. 

As indicated by the 3 steps in our logo, we believe that education should serve a three-fold purpose:

  1. Uplift our students by opening doors to better career opportunities and liberating them from poverty and harsh labour conditions
  2. Empower our students to think critically about, discuss and challenge the structures and social norms that disadvantage them
  3. Enable our students and teachers to become catalyst for social changes within the local community and to improve the lives of families and loved ones by leading our rural development initiatives 


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