Our Educational Approach

  1. English Language Education – English is the language of social mobility in India. Studies show that English fluency is crucial for access to well-paying professional jobs and building beneficial social networks. At our school, teachers are given language-lab training and extensive attention is paid to inculcating English fluency in students.
  1. Digital Literacy – According to Boston Consultancy Group, India has the world’s largest digital gender gap. Only 29% of Internet users in India are women. In many families, girls aren’t allowed access to digital devices even if they are available at home. At our school, all students attend computer lessons where they learn to harness the power of the Internet for increased opportunities. Teachers make use of our smart classroom to integrate educational content online into lessons. We are also partnering with the tech NGO Code Your Chances to train teachers.
  1. Teaching by example – A Harvard study shows that a key reason for Indian girls to drop out of school and engage in child labour or early marriage is the lack of appropriate role models whom they can emulate. Our students have weekly reading sessions that feature books with brave, successful and adventurous female protagonists in order to inculcate self-belief and aspiration.
  1. Self-defense skills – IHDS surveys indicate that women in rural India have severely limited mobility and 80% of women require male permission even to visit a health clinic or grocery market. Visiting instructors will conduct periodic self-defence and team sports workshops to help our girls develop the assertiveness and self-confidence they need to venture out into the world.
  1. Letting kids be kids – Many of our students come from dysfunctional homes or engage in household labour after school. We offer an evening crèche program, where children can enjoy supervised educational play and the joy of childhood without any worries.
  1. International volunteers – SVA is building partnerships with international school teachers and volunteers from around the world so that our students can benefit from perspectives, resources and skills that aren’t available to them in the local village ecosystem.
  1. A well-rounded education – Our students learn dance, theatre and public speaking in an effort to inculcate confident personalities and leadership skills.
  1. Community Engagement – Our school campus offers a purified water source that any mother can use to collect water for her household. According to the World Bank, a primary reason for girls dropping out of school in India is to shoulder the burden of fetching water for their family, making an average of six trips per day. This measure will reduce such dropouts and create a sense of community and investment in the school amongst parents. The school conducts financial literacy and nutritional and health education for our students’ mothers. During the holidays, our computer lab is open to other village girls and boys who wish to become digitally literate. Our new Protect Our Village project aims to sustainably empower villagers to sustain through the pandemic and economic crisis through our 4 Pillar Plan of Nutrition, Education, Employment and Health.

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