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We strive to create a dynamic learning environment by collaborating with volunteers who provide training and mentorship in areas such as drama, dance, art, photography, physical education and team sports. This dynamism is a key component of our educational approach; it allows our student to development critical thinking, leadership skills, and creativity. We also work with English teaching volunteers who can inculcate language fluency, creative writing and public speaking skills.

International Volunteer Program

Roles available: We are currently accepting applications for volunteers who can teach English, creative arts or physical education.  Placement dates are flexible and volunteers work with us to personalize the duration and focus of their time at our school.

Housing and Transport:  Volunteers will stay in the nearest major city, Madurai. Volunteer housing is equipped with all the necessary amenities such as Wi-Fi and a very high standard of hygiene and comfort. Volunteer accommodation is situated within the stimulating campus of Madurai’s leading business school, Thiagarajar School of Management. The campus is patrolled by security guards and places great emphasis on the safety of its students. 

Madurai is an important historic city in Southern India. It contains one of the oldest and largest temples in India as well as modern facilities like department stores, supermarkets, restaurants, cinemas, banks and world-class hospitals. Volunteers are required to arrange their own transport to and from Madurai, however we are happy to assist in making the easiest arrangements within volunteers’ prescribed budgets. 

Cultural immersion: Volunteers will experience cultural immersion both in the small town environment of historic Madurai city and in the rural heartland where our school is located. To encourage exploration, we will facilitate day trips to South India’s most prominent monuments once a month. Volunteers are also encouraged to take advantage of complimentary classes we offer in cooking and Tamil language.

Requirements: Volunteers must have approachable and empathetic personalities, good interpersonal skills and previous work experience with children. Volunteers need to be fluent in English but knowledge of Tamil or Hindi is not necessary. As part of our application process volunteers must demonstrate hypothetical examples of how they will handle culture clashes in a way that is respectful to their host environment. We suggest doing some background reading to better understand the cultural context and social issues present in rural South India. The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter by Shilpa Anthony Raj is a critically acclaimed book that provides an evocative portrayal of what life is like for young women growing up in South Indian villages. 

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